But where do you start?

The acting industry isn't easy. You have to create and maintain quality promotional materials, produce and edit your own self-tapes, learn new skills & techniques to keep yourself ready for every opportunity; the list goes on and on. That's what we hope to help with here. Whether you're dreaming about becoming an actor but don't know where to start, or a recent theatre graduate hoping to learn about how best to market yourself, or an established actor looking to expand your casting with new skills, we're building a hub for performers that'll give you everything you need.

Why Us?

We are actors and filmmakers with 15+ years of experience in the industry. Having worked on both sides of casting, and with plenty of hands-on experience with the Canadian actors union ACTRA, we have an in-depth understanding of how the industry works from multiple vantage points. And with a studio for self-tape coaching and demo creation, we have helped hundreds of performers in different stages of their careers book gigs. Our goal is to create the ultimate resource for actors of all levels to learn new skills and expand their casting opportunities.

Presented by Beanduck Productions

An independent video production company and performer service provider from Montreal, Canada, Beanduck was founded in 2012 by director Julian Stamboulieh and producer Beatrice Warner. Shortly after Beanduck’s inception, the company received great critical and creative acclaim with the digital series LARPs, and has gone on to produce several award-winning short films. A staple of Montreal's acting scene, Beanduck Productions offers an array of performer services, from self-tapes, to voice demos, and more.

"The Acting Toolkit's" Plans

  • The World of Acting

    Our flagship course. For those coming out theatre programs, or looking to switch careers to pursue their dreams, into the world of TV / film / voice acting.

  • A Community Hub

    A community where actors can share tips / experiences and find a support system within a notoriously difficult industry.

  • 1-on-1 Personalized Coaching

    Have questions about your career? Need feedback on audition / demo materials? We will offer support that exceeds the workshops & forums, with experts in each genre of acting.

  • Workshops For Every Need

    Demo creation, home voice booth assembly, weapons handling for stunts, the phonetic alphabet for accent work, and so much more.

  • And more...

    The list goes on. But if you have ideas of workshops you'd like, or questions about anything, please reach out to us!

Some Kind Words

“Throughout his time volunteering on ACTRA Montreal’s council, Julian has championed numerous initiatives (including the return of the Short Film Festival) all with the same goal, to upskill and showcase local performers. He is totally dedicated to this community and personally invested in our success.”

Simon Peacock - President, ACTRA Montreal

“As an actor, it is so important to find people who genuinely want to help you grow, and will give you the opportunities to do so. Julian and Beanduck have been those people for not only me but countless other actors who have taken their workshops, been in their productions, or worked alongside them to expand their demo. I have never met three people more dedicated to helping actors get from where they are to where they want to be.”

Brianna Rodrigues - Actor

“While navigating his own artistic career, Julian consistently found time to offer me invaluable guidance and mentorship. Whether you're entering the industry for the first time or making a comeback after a hiatus, you'll discover in Julian not just a mentor, but a genuine ally, as his insights and support acted as a compass guiding me through the intricacies of the industry. ”

Jonathan Parente - Actor

“Since the beginning of my journey as an actor, Julian has always taken the time to show up as both a friend and a mentor, and has continuously offered invaluable advice and guidance that I pull from every day. I highly recommend The Acting Toolkit to anyone who takes their craft seriously and is seeking to reach the next level.”

Lillian Kobelt - Actor


Julian Stamboulieh

Julian Stamboulieh, born and raised in Montreal, began his media career as an actor and a freelance video editor in 2004. After receiving his BFA in Photography from Concordia University, and starting his company Beanduck Productions, he soon found himself in his directorial debut. In 2013, Julian created and directed LARPs, with both seasons acquiring 10+ international awards and 4+ million views. He has gone on to direct several award-winning short films. As an actor, Julian finds himself most often in the voice studio. Ranging from animation to video games to being a staple in Montreal's booming dubbing industry, he is always thrilled anytime he finds himself behind the microphone. Over the past several years, Julian has developed and taught several courses on filmmaking and acting, is currently sitting his third term on ACTRA Montreal Branch Council, and continues to create educational content on his YouTube channel "The Nerdy Filmmaker".

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